Hi! I’m Priya, and I’ll be spending one year (July 2015-16) on a Watson Fellowship to learn about sustainability, policy, and social justice. More specifically, I’ll be living for a few months each in Germany, India, South Korea, Japan, and Chile to learn about the people and policies behind “Smart Grids” (intelligent electric grids). This blog serves as a place for me to record my musings and explorations during these travels. Thanks for reading!

My more “official” project description:
In my Watson Fellowship project, I will study the social and political factors shaping the design of Smart Grids. My goal is to learn about Smart Grid policy and socio-political interactions in countries at various stages of implementation, as well as about the impact of Smart Grid technology on a country’s people. To this end, I will travel to Germany, India, South Korea, Japan, and Chile, countries with different political systems and in various stages of development. In these countries, I would like to talk to government officials in environment and research bureaus, researchers studying Smart Grid technology/policy, utilities and energy distributors, companies involved in Smart Grid implementation, citizens involved in energy cooperatives or local system transformation, and rural and urban residents. By exploring the roles of people and policymakers in Smart Grid planning, I will seek insight into the dynamics of social and environmental change in multiple cultural contexts.

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