Life Update!

Hi friends! Sorry for posting so infrequently. During the past two weeks, I’ve been busy meeting with a bunch of different people in the renewable energy and Smart Grid space. I’m excited to share insights from those meetings with you, but the posts will be a little slow in coming since they take so long to write. (The weather’s also been really hot and humid, which hasn’t been very conducive to productivity.)

However, some small updates in the meantime:

  • Kadda finished her exams and left for vacation and an internship. While I’m so glad she’s done (she was studying all the time!), this means I don’t get to see her again before I leave. Viel Spaß, Kadda!
  • I’ve started to get more comfortable with the different parts of Freiburg and finding my way around. Of course, by the time I’m completely comfortable, it’ll be time to leave… which is kind of the point 🙂
  • After walking a few miles to/from a meeting this week in the hot sun, I decided to buy a Coca Cola. Coke here is made using real sugar, so I liked it better than the US’s high-fructose corn syrup Coke. However, I think Mexico’s Coca Cola still wins for me so far.
  • There was a thunderstorm last night. It was awesome! My apartment is on the 5th floor of the building (which here means 5 floors above the ground level), so the lightning felt really close. It was also incredibly windy up here!
  • I lost my first hair elastic today. I’m yet to lose a pen or chapstick though, and I’m hoping it stays that way!

I’ve also started receiving quotes of the day via email. Today’s seemed particularly appropriate given the recent Black Lives Matter protests and tragic news in Ferguson, so I thought I’d share it:

“If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it.” – Lucy Larcom

4 thoughts on “Life Update!

  1. We understand about the delays in posting and keep up your great work!
    Also – the hot / humid weather there now is probably going to prepare you better for warm / hot weather in your destination country!


  2. Alway good to hear about your activity,,Priya. You are a remarkable young women–and I have 82 years of experience to base that on!



  3. When you were a little kid your mother won’t allow you to drink Coke. In 1996, we were bride hunting for your mama and in one such visit you followed the host (a young man) to their dining area and conned him to give you a Coke. I hope you take enough fluids to keep you hydrated.
    In El Paso when there were thunder storms, you a little girl, used to hug me tight – are you still afraid of it? When we were young we used to close our ears and chant ‘Arjuna, Arjuna……….’. We were told that the thunder is the sound of Arjuna’s chariot and funny, we used to believe it . Have a great time.


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