Viel Tourismus

This weekend, I was a tourist! I spent Saturday (August 1) wandering around Freiburg’s city center and Sunday (August 2) at Lake Titisee in the Black Forest.

Freiburg’s city center on a sunny Saturday is magical. Street performers play and the farmers’ market bustles with tourists. I spotted an English-speaking tour group and tried to linger behind them for a free tour of Freiburg Münster, but I wasn’t quite stealthy enough. It was okay, though; I made up the time I would have spent learning historical facts instead being awed by the Cathedral’s beauty.

IMG_20150801_125524124      IMG_20150801_125956475      IMG_20150801_130029174

Afterwards, I grocery shopped at the farmers’ market and then got purposely got lost in some side streets. The farmers’ market was much more crowded than on the dismal weekday when I first saw it, and there were many cute wares (like the animal candles pictured below). I also saw some sellers pushing their inventory in mini-trailers through the narrow alleyways leading into the farmers’ market.

IMG_20150801_134300138     IMG_20150801_130720545


Finally, I wandered up one of Freiburg’s main roads. Sadly, unlike some of the other main roads I’ve seen in Freiburg, this one was car-dominated and looked much like a city street in the US. That being said, there were a lot more motorcycles parked along the side of the street than there would be in the US, and there was a cool statue in the middle of the road.

IMG_20150801_141605822       IMG_20150801_141028754_HDR

I was definitely ready to eat by the time I got home. Luckily, I had some pretty nice groceries to assemble into a meal! I ended up going for sourdough bread with pesto, gouda, and currants (Johannisbeeren). Yum!


On Sunday morning, I walked to Freiburg’s bus station, hopped on a bus, and then arrived at the town of Titisee an hour later. After a stop at the tourist information center, I was armed with a map and an idea of which hiking trails I wanted to roam around. I first went for the less touristy trails around Lake Eisweiher. The moment I walked in, I felt like I was surrounded by the thorn forest from Disney’s version of Sleeping Beauty.

IMG_20150802_111808787        IMG_20150802_115810964_HDR

After stopping at Lake Eisweiher and hanging out with its ducks, I then started following other random trails. Along the way, I briefly chatted with an old couple hiking together, took a picture for a large family group, made friends with some cows, and found a farm that had set up a moving miniature town model for tourists. I finally turned around when I reached the next town over (somewhere not too far past the last picture of the block below).

IMG_20150802_112121685  IMG_20150802_112106268  IMG_20150802_112745156 IMG_20150802_113350823   IMG_20150802_114216644_HDR

After a reading break, I then embarked on the 6 km “Circular Lake Trail” around the famous Lake Titisee. Parts of the hike featured gorgeous lake views, and parts of the hike were spent on paved car roads from which I couldn’t even see the lake. (I thought I might be lost, but wasn’t.)

IMG_20150802_135737538_HDR     IMG_20150802_144217721


When I finally made it back to town, I stopped at a cafe for a late lunch of Flammkuchen, a Black Forest pizza-like speciality. It was delicious (and yes, I ate the whole thing).


An (epically crowded) bus ride later, I was back in Freiburg! It had been a great weekend.

IMG_20150802_165633287     IMG_20150802_165625549

Bonus: A rainbow found during my reading break.


4 thoughts on “Viel Tourismus

  1. In my mind I was travelling with you and watching what all you were.Nice travelogue.Enjoy. Absorb what all is there in this wonderful world of ours.Meera Shankar


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